When her child’s life is at stake, a mother will do anything to save him.

Clara McNair is running out of time to save her son, James. When the two-year-old is diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, only an experimental treatment can save his life. She desperately needs money to pay for the surgery, but she’ll have to travel back to the site of her darkest memories to get it.

Clara has escaped the demons of her youth—or so she thinks. It’s been ten years since the mysterious disappearance of her parents. Widely suspected of murdering her mother and father, Clara fled west to start a new life. Now, a documentary film crew is offering cold, hard cash—enough to pay for James’s treatment—in exchange for the sordid secrets of her past.

With no other choice but to delve into a long-ago tragedy, Clara must unravel the lies surrounding that terrible night. Facing hostile gossip, Clara is fighting to clear her name and learn the truth about what really happened. But how far will she go into the dark to save her son—and herself?



The perfect neighborhood, the perfect neighbors, the perfect trap…

New mother Holly has always dreamed of raising a family away from the city—and now that dream is a reality as she moves into an idyllic suburb with her husband Mike and their baby daughter Clare. The quiet, peaceful neighborhood couldn’t be more perfect.

But as the family settles into their new home, Holly can’t shrug off the feeling she’s being watched and followed on her morning walks with Clare. At first, she dismisses this as new parent jitters. But soon the unusual—and dangerous—occurrences on Holly’s tree-lined block become impossible to ignore.

As her days and nights grow more isolated and filled with paranoia, Holly struggles to convince her husband that the threat isn’t just in her imagination—and that the secrets lurking in their perfect neighborhood could ruin them all.

NOTE: Books in the ‘Secrets of Suburbia’ Series can be read as standalones, but are linked by common themes of motherhood, suburbia not being as safe as you think, and how the perfect, sanitized version of life that people often show is far from the truth. Gripping stories with shocking twists just a click away.


Burying the past only delays the inevitable.

Sarah Cartwright is on the cusp of having it all—a new baby, a devoted partner, and a great job as a political campaign director. However, Sarah’s return to the office after maternity leave finds her powerful position assigned to someone else, and Sarah didn’t work hard for years just so she could observe from the sidelines.

As her dreams threaten to crash and burn around her, the lies she’s built her life upon are exposed. Smears that put her entire career on the brink are splashed across news headlines, and caught between a new boss, backstabbing co-workers, and a wary partner, Sarah can’t be certain who to trust.

When bodies start to drop and the police show up on her doorstep, the past can no longer stay hidden.

All sins are punished one day.


The perfect life becomes the perfect lie.

Molly Burke has it all. With the help of medication to control her borderline personality disorder, she’s become a successful real estate agent with a loving husband who treats her four-year-old son as if he were his own. The emotional highs and lows from a difficult childhood have smoothed out but are still best concealed with little white lies to protect loved ones from her troubled history. Until Molly’s past returns to shatter her idyllic life.

Molly’s son, Colin, is discovered injured and covered in his grandfather’s blood—and her father-in-law is nowhere to be found. The police suspect foul play. Longstanding bitterness erupts between Molly and her mother-in-law, exacerbating Molly’s feelings of inadequacy and triggering fierce reactions that can no longer be contained.

A hallucination of her missing father-in-law only increases Molly’s paranoia over the sins of the past. Deceit lies around every corner and embroils everyone in the growing madness. Someone knows what she did. And someone is trying to expose the truth.

And if the truth is revealed, her family will pay the price.

One mother’s life will change in the blink of an eye—and there’s no going back.

Elaine’s worst fears become reality when her beloved son Jakob is diagnosed with cancer. She needs to find a bone marrow donor, and time is running out. But while awaiting test results to see if she’s a possible match, Elaine learns a shocking truth about her son; a truth that threatens to send her back to the pills that almost destroyed her life once before; a truth that pushes her already fragile mental state to the breaking point.

Even as the family faces this new crisis, a ghost from Elaine’s past emerges to jeopardize everything she’s built. But is the threat real, or is it all in her mind?

Elaine needs to stay strong for her son, but as her whole reality continues to unravel, she can’t trust anyone—not even herself.


Family binds them together. Lies will tear them apart.

Child psychologist Dr. Karen Marks relates well with her young clients when it comes to loss. After all, she’s no stranger to painful life experiences.

Despite the adversities she’s weathered, Karen works hard to serve Chicago’s troubled youth. But maintaining the perfect façade becomes impossible when the past crawls from the woodwork and threatens the life she’s worked so hard to create.

First come the allegations from former students against her deceased husband. As the vicious and unfounded news goes public, Karen’s counseling schedule dries up overnight and she can’t help but feel like she’s being watched.

But then a new client walks into her office—his appearance so like her missing son’s, that for a moment she thinks her wishes and prayers have finally been answered. But it can’t be… it’s been so long since he disappeared and this angry, violent child behaves nothing like her Luke. Yet, the resemblance is uncanny.

Now Karen’s life is turned upside down as decades of unresolved issues overwhelm her, and seemingly unconnected events begin to reveal someone with sinister intentions. As threats mount, Karen must race to uncover a twisted plot that pits past guilt against any hope for the future.

And the truth? It was better left buried.



A picture is worth a thousand words—and every one is a lie in this gripping psychological suspense thriller.

Laurie Miller is left in utter shock when her husband vanishes without a trace, leaving her with a stack of bills she can’t pay. As the lonely days stretch into weeks with no reappearance or body resurfacing, the stay-at-home mom accepts a photography job from a former sorority sister, and current Instagram sensation, and returns to her Milwaukee roots—and the trauma she thought she’d escaped.

Her college days left her with scars no camera can capture, and Laurie’s old OCD coping mechanisms creep in as she navigates the frightening new life of single motherhood. But becoming a personal photographer to a popular Instagram-Mom is helping Laurie provide for her daughter like any good mother should. She just never expected her daughter to become the center of so much attention.

As the world of celebrity influencers feed her insecurities, Laurie realizes she’s not only lost her husband but now is losing the love of her only child. Arguments ensue. Accidental injuries surface. Allegations of neglect and endangerment are flung her way. But when Laurie’s daughter goes missing, a twisted scheme thrusts the past into the glaring light of the present.

And this time, her daughter’s life is at stake.

Bestselling domestic noir author Jo Crow invites you to hunt for the truth in this shocking psychological thriller with gripping suspense and a breathtaking twist that will keep you up at night…